Swimbag - drawstring - Peace print

Swimbag - drawstring - Peace print

  • $29.00

BBBYO Swimbag 


This very gorgeous swim bag, is perfect for a towel and a pair of swimmers, to take to school, to the pool or the beach for your daily dip.

Most importantly, the heavy duty water-resistant nylon will keep your wet gear wrapped up until you get it home to put in the wash. This is perfect to wrap up damp swimmers or boardies, and also to keep out unwelcome sand.


Carry it on your shoulder, or wear it as a lightweight backpack.



BBBYO Swimbag Attributes


  • Thick heavy duty nylon to keep your wet gear away from your dry gear
  • Strong drawstring cord straps that you can tie to your bike, or wear over your shoulder, or on your back
  • Gorgeous non-fade prints
  • Super lightweight and folds up to fit in your pocket